Affiliates of YCPE

Faculty Members

Howard Adelman,
Professor Emeritus, Philosophy, LA&PS

Dawn Bazely,
Professor, Biology

Idil Boran,
Associate Professor, Humanities, LA&PS

Mora Campbell, 
Associate Professor, Environmental Studies

Nergis Canefe, 
Associate Professor, SPPA and Political Science, LA&PS

Peter Constantinou,
Associate Professor, SPPA, LA&PS

Naomi Couto,
Associate Professor, SPPA, LA&PS

Susan Dimock, 
Professor, Philosophy, LA&PS

Trevor Farrow, 
Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School

Fred Fletcher,
University Professor Emeritus, Political Science, LA&PS

Lorne Foster,
Professor, SPPA, LA&PS

Soren Frederiksen, 
Assistant Professor, SPPA, LA&PS

Michael Giudice, 
Associate Professor, Philosophy, LA&PS

Ian Greene, 
University Professor Emeritus, SPPA, LA&PS

Jorg Grigull, 
Associate Professor, Math. and Statistics, Science and Engineering

Henry Jackman,
Associate Professor, Philosophy, LA&PS (Chair, Philosophy Dept.)

Les Jacobs, 
Professor, Social Science & Political Science, LA&PS

Shirley Katz, 
Professor Emeritus, Humanities, LA&PS

Daniel McArthur,
Associate Professor, Philosophy, LA&PS

Robert MacDermid,
Associate Professor, Political Science

Philip MacEwen,
Contract Faculty, Humanities; Past President of Can. Soc. For Practical

Alice MacLachlan,
Associate Professor, Philosophy, LA&PS

Dirk Matten,
Director, Centre for Excellence in Responsible Business, Schulich

Bob Myers, 
Professor, Philosophy, LA&PS

Andrea O’Reilly, 
Professor, School of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies, LA&PS

Ken Ogata,
Associate Professor, SPPA, LA&PS

Deborah Orr,
Associate Professor, Humanities, LA&PS

Ronald Pearlman, 
University Professor Emeritus, Biology, Science & Engineering

Roxanne Mykitiuk,
Associate Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School

Peter Penz,
Professor Emeritus, Environmental Studies

Darryl Reed, 
Professor, Social Science, LA&PS

Roger Rickwood, 
Contract Faculty, SPPA and Political Science, LA&PS

Ray Rogers,
Associate Professor, Faculty of Environmental Studies

Mark Schwartz, 
Associate Professor, Administrative Studies, LA&PS

James Simeon, 
Associate Professor, SPPA, LA&PS

Dagmar Soennecken, 
Associate Professor, SPPA and Social Science, LA&PS

Brenda Spotton-Visano, 
University Professor, SPPA and Economics, LA&PS

Ian Stedman,
Assistant Professor, SPPA, LA&PS

Stanley Tweyman, 
Professor, Humanities, LA&PS

Richard Wellen, 
Associate Professor, Social Science, LA&PS

Walter Whiteley, 
Professor, Math. and Statistics, Science and Engineering

Mary Wiktorowicz, 
Professor, School of Health Policy and Mg’t, Fac of Health

H. Thomas Wilson, 
Professor Emeritus, SPPA, LA&PS, Schulich and Osgoode

External Members

Christina Becker,
Psychologist in private practice

Greg Levine, 
Lawyer, Former Integrity Commissioner for several Ontario municipalities

Philip Savage,
Associate Professor, Comm Studies & Multimedia, McMaster University.

Alan Shefman, 
Former Ward 5 Councillor, City of Vaughan

Garrett MacSweeney,
Principal, Choice Point Solutions Inc. and Fellow, Ted Rogers Leadership Centre