The Journal of Practical Philosophy

The Canadian Society for the Study of Practical Ethics/Societé Canadienne pour l' étude de l' éthique Appliqué(CSSPE/SCEEA) -- -- hosts the Canadian Journal of Practical Philosophy.

This Journal includes articles on bioethics, business ethics, environmental ethics, ethics of technology, ethics of the social sciences, and political ethics among others. The Journal promotes multidisciplinary contributions to practical ethics and will be
issued annually.

The Editors are Philip MacEwen, Co-coordinator of the YCPE, and Sandra
Thomson, President of the CSSPE/SCEEA.

Submissions to the "Journal of the CSSPE/SCEEA" can be sent to the editors: and 

Volume 1, 2017: LINK HERE

Volume 2, 2018: LINK HERE

Volume 3, 2019: LINK HERE

Annual Meeting of the Canadian Society for the Study of Practical Ethics, May 31-June 2, 2020, Westen University, London, Ontario

The CSSPE welcomes proposals for paper submissions by January 15, 2020. For more information, please contact Andrew Molas at .